Art Expo Honigfabriek

The paintings, objects, installations and performances by artist Richard Klapwijk are about “the FORM”. His own FORM, that of the people around him and those who use the FORM as a means of power. 

In the absence of inside, the CONTENT, the game is played only through the outside, the FORM. The FORM appears to be an empty sleeve and appears to replace the inside. And showing a so-called inside seems more important than ever. Via social media the inside is presented as the ultimate form of individuality, integrity and authenticity. 

While in the eyes of large companies and governments, the FORM, our data is actually more important than ourselves. Political messages have become finely tuned marketing strategies where the inside, the content, seems to no longer matter.

 To investigate this, Richard Klapwijk asks the question:
What is actually my FORM? 
And is it actually mine?

The exhibition highlights the different sides of ‘I AM ONLY FORM’ with humor and with speed. Without judging and with a touch of humor, the exhibition provides food for thought. 

Man in blue suit visiting own Artshow I AM ONLY FORM
Videoscreen at Artshow I AM ONLY FORM
Man in orange suit visiting Artshow I AM ONLY FORM

Talk show OngehoordTV

On Sunday 9 June, OngehoordTV  closes the exhibition with a talk show in which Titus Salvador interviews the artist. 

Art Expo

The Show Window expo ‘ALLES IS ALTIJD AF’ in the Honigfabriek is an experimental space where ‘everything is always finished’ . In this case art is always finished. There is no beginning and no ending. Everything is open to the public at all times. Artworks are shared right away. Performances are improvised. Installations are shown in their rough state and can be changed at any time.


Art Expo Alkmaar

A group exhibition of the “ALKMAARS KUNSTCOLLECTIEF”. The exhibition showed the works of the members of the collective. From paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics. Richard Klapwijk’s oil paintings provided an overview of the work he had been working on for theprevious two years. These include penetrating portraits of famous and unknown Dutch people. In addition, larger, more surrealistic works were shown based on the work of the French painter Jean Antoine Watteau. Use of color, expression and monumentality best summarize the works.