research (ongoing)

Title: Fabrics for the Metaverse  (@fabricsforthemetaverse)

Duration:   nvt

Location: nvt

Date: 2021

Materials & attributes: Fabrics made out of shopping bag and towels. Dia projector. Digital avatar using CLo3d


The projection of images on fabrics and textiles is a recurring theme in the variety of installations, performances and objects. By cutting the image loose from the matter and treat it independently it shapes broader possibilities of communication. The shell, the skin or the outside layer can become an active and foremost extremely flexible agent in social situations. Whether it is in the real world or in digital the urge to express seems to become stronger and stronger. The potential of the Metaverse lies in the fact that I in every situation can leave the constraints of the matter and body and extend myself as a permenant and ongoing broadcasting system. Interacting with other transformable species becomes more fluid, faster. The matter is only carrier of the image. The image becomes prominent


The video shows a runway walk gone wild