Title: What to do without graffiti?

Duration:   2 min

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Date: 22-08-22

Materials & attributes: Plastic, Selfdesigned clothes, Skirt made out of steel ballins and shoppingbagplastic, Graffiti background (diverse unknown artists) , Self stearing camera Canon eos 450, Sweater by

Intrigued by this hidden square space in the centre of Antwerp full of graffiti I took my self designed clothes and my selfstearing camera. Trying to be present in the public space as a real ‘fashion model’ I performed  a one on one ‘dance’ with my self stearing camera.  Watched by the beautifull graffitti which made this beautifull space I did my thing without gettin’ disturbed.  A few months after I executed this action the walls of the square were overpainted and commercialized by sponsored murals. The space will never be the same and therefore my performance and the footage became a unplanned monument


The video is the excerpt of the performance