Title: Gettin’ rid of my hair

Duration:  0.10 min

Location: Heemskerk, The Netherlands

Date: 22-08-22

Materials & attributes: Plastic, Selfdesigned clothes, Graffiti background , Self stearing camera


Just after  I was recognized and asked by members of the local Hasidic Jewish community in the streets of Antwerp whether  I was ”by any chance Jewish” I started to doubt my own background and foremost my public appearance. Could my ‘jewish curly hair’ ( as my mother always used to proclaim) made me now a target for semitism, and worse, anti-semitism?

I decided to get rid of my ‘jewish appearance’ and enter the dangerous nightlife at saturday evening in the midst of the crowd after the worldcup football matches on tv in the bars , discotheques and restaurants. 

The video captures my bathroom preparation.