Objects part of Dear Police, last Saturday….

Title: Dear Police

Duration:   2 min

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Date: 22-08-22

Diverse objects were part of the display Dear Police. They were mythical objects/ reminiscents bringing the energy of the outdoor performance to the white space of the exhibition space.

Video footage was shown on plastic layers hanging from the ceiling creating a merely and vague shadow of happenings of that event. A tablet played the written email exchange between the Antwerp police and myself.

A toy dog, a suitcase displaying diverse old smartphones, a shoppingbag from Jumbo, a printed ancle of a friend showing a tattoo of Frituur ‘t Stad , printed paper copies of my ancestors, a skateboard, a makeshift vrhelmet  and the rearranged suit worn at the night of the performance


The video is the written email exchange